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We are Family

I wake them up, I get them dressed, 

I brush their hair so they look the best. 

I make their bed and wash their clothes, 

The little things that no-one knows. 

I hold their hand when they are scared, 

I talk to them when no-ones there. 

I give them a friend when they are alone, 

I treat them like family, one of my own.

And when it's time to save a life, 

I keep my heart strong, and hold my head high. 

I wait 'til it's over, when everything is done. 

When the house has gone quiet, the emptiness comes. 

So please don't judge me, when you think I don't care, 

I look after your family, when you are not there. 

If this sounds like you and you are interested in a rewarding 

opportunity to help those that can't do everything on their own, 

please reach out. Here at Deerfield we are always looking for 

Universal Workers to join us.  

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